Colours of Bhrahman

A tribute to revered Guru, “Mother”. Guru Purnima 2017

Purple for the monarch of Earth and heaven

A true sage queen is She in both blood and bearing

She wields palpable magic beyond fiction

Worlds and dimensions are within Her Knowing

The painterly blues of sweeping mountains and skies

Like Mother’s all-encompassing vision

Past, present, and future within Her view

No thought too subtle to remain hidden

The bejeweled greens of Mother Nature

Are enlivened by Mother’s fresh wisdom

The noble deodars display their ardor

Before Her bows the animal kingdom

The yellow of the sun, bestowing life on all

Illuminating like Mother’s presence

For the discerning who heed humility’s call

Salvation abounds in every moment

Orange are the flames of Her sacred fire

Frightful for adharma and pert egos

But not those for whom moksha is the one desire

For it burns only impurities that cause woe

The enchanting reds and pinks of love’s great fame

Only find true expression in Mother’s rich heart

Beyond ‘jivas’ frugality and glib games

She shows us love without conditions or parts

And so we arrive at white, pristine and pure

Untainted by the shades of corrupt duality

Like a perfect symphony and its overture

She is a mirror of dispassion and clarity

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